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Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann
Faculty of Business and Economics
Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
Room: M-13.18
Gaußstraße 20
42119 Wuppertal

Phone: +49 202-439-3982
Fax: +49 202-439-2464
E-Mail: volkmann{at}

Mirjam Ballin
Room: M-13.17
Phone: +49 202-439-3979
Fax: +49 202-439-2464
E-Mail: Ballin{at}
Consultation hour: Mon-Thu 10-12h


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Teaching, research and transfer activities


The UNESCO Chair for Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Management pursues an interdisciplinary approach in entrepreneurship research and education. This is characterized by active collaboration with regional, national and international partners, which contributes to the attainment of the overall UNESCO goals.



Students of the University of Wuppertal make up the primary target group for the Chair’s entrepreneurship education offers. We apply innovative, student-oriented teaching and learning approaches to meet modern demands on the quality of teaching and to contribute to intercultural dialogue in international cooperation. Sustainable development in a business context, based on ethical norms and values, is a core topic, both in terms of research and teaching and with regard to the UNESCO Chair’s cooperation activities.



One focus of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Wuppertal is the acquisition of research-related third-party funding. In this context, the foundation of the interdisciplinary and internationally active Jackstädt Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research, which was conceived by the Chair and initialised in 2011, should be emphasised. The center's task is to conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. Findings resulting from the research thereby support the continuous development of the activities of the UNESCO Chair. The center is funded by the Wuppertal-based Dr Werner Jackstädt Foundation. In this context, the UNESCO Chair also contributes to the transfer of scientific knowledge in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship from the university to the region.

One example of current research is the project "Collaboration for Social Innovation: Scaling for Impact". It explores collaborations between non-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, NGOs, governments and other relevant actors in different institutional and cultural contexts that aim to introduce and disseminate social innovations intended to address global sustainability challenges. The UNESCO Chair is also involved in various national and international research projects. For example, the Chair is currently working on a project to promote entrepreneurship education and women entrepreneurship on behalf of the European Commission. 


All activities of the UNESCO Chair pay special attention to social responsibility in the entrepreneurial context. For example, since 2020 the staff of the Start-up Center supports founders in the creation of sustainable businesses. The offers range from start-up consultation to a wide range of events that aim at raising awareness for sustainable start-ups among university staff and students and at developing Wuppertal into a hotspot for socially responsible entrepreneurship. Another focus in terms of gender equality (SDG 5) is the establishment of a NRW-wide cross-university network for female entrepreneurs. The UNESCO Chair was able to raise a total of approx. 4 million euros for the Start-up Center and the project "Women Entrepreneurs in Science".

In addition, the Chair actively supports the student initiative Enactus Wuppertal e.V.. The worldwide initiative Enactus is represented in 35 countries and pursues the connection between social commitment and entrepreneurial action. The members of Enactus Wuppertal have the opportunity to develop and implement creative and sustainable entrepreneurial projects. 

Further examples of the various activities of the UNESCO Chair can be found in the overview of the Sustainable Development Goals and under Teaching, Research and Transfer.